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    Forward 1408 2400KV Brushless Motor
    Brand name: HGLRC
    Item name: Forward 1408 2400KV Brushless Motor
    Motor:KV 2400KV
    Stator Diameter:14mm
    Stator Thickness:8mm
    No.of Stator Arms:9S
    No.of Rotor poles:12P
    No-load Current(A/10V):0.8A
    Motor Resistance:185-215mΩ
    Max Continuous Current:14.68A
    No.of Cells(Lipo):5-6S
    Recommended Prop(inch):3 Inch
    Wire type:24AWG 80mm

    Package Included:
    1 * FD 1408 2400KV Brushless Motor

    or 4 * FD 1408 2400KV Brushless Motor(optional)