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    Brand name: HGLRC
    Item name:HGLRC Wind6 Hybrid Frame Kit
    Material: Carbon Fiber
    Type: 6" Frame
    Arm Thickness: 6mm
    Standoff Height: 28mm
    Weight: 101g
    Flight control installation holes: 20*20mm&30 * 30mm Chute type
    Support camera: 19mm

    Hybrid Frame Design
    Flight control installation damping system
    TPU Antenna Mounts
    Capacitor mounting slot
    6mm arms,1.5mm vertical side plates
    1.5mm top plate & 2mm upper plate
    2mm & 3mm Base plate

    Package Included:
    1x HGLRC Wind6 6 inch Frame Kit

    1x    1.5mm_Top Plate        
    1x    2.0mm_Top Plate    
    2x    1.5mm_Sidewall
    1x    2.0mm_Base Plate        
    1x    3.0mm_Base Plate        
    2x    6.0mm_6 inch Strecher Arm    
    2x    6.0mm_7 inch X Type Arm    

    4x    M3*28mm Aluminum Black standoff
    4x    M3*30 Screw    
    4x    M3* 8  Countersunk Head Screw    
    4x    M3*12 Countersunk Head Screw    
    4x    M3*16 Countersunk Head Screw    
    4x    M3  Shock Absorption    
    4x    M2  Shock Absorption    
    4x    M3  Black Plastic Nut    
    4x    M3  Black Relax Nut    
    1x    Battery Sticker    
    1x    Battery Strap
    1x    TPU Antenna Mount    

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