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    HGLRC 30.5x30.5mm F4 FLAME V2 Flight Controller Betaflight OSD 5V BEC 


    Forward FD50A ESC
    FD50 Set
    -4PCS Forward 50A ESC($63.96)+ 1PC F4 Flame V2 flight($39.99 )control
    Current Sale Price : $93.55      Save $10.4 in total.
    FD50 VTX Set
    -4PCS Forward 50A ESC($63.96)+ 1PC F4 Flame V2 flight($39.99 )control +Forward VTX($27.99)
    Current Sale Price : $118.74     Save $13.2 in total.

    Specification: (User Manual)

    F4 Flame V2 AIO flight controller

    Brand Name: HGLRC
    Item Name: 30.5x30.5mm F4 Flame V2 Flight Controller

    Chip: CPU STM32F405RGT6 , dual open 8K, MPU 6000-SPI
    BEC output: 5V/3A
    Direct welding ESC PDB
    Built-in current sensor
    Input voltage: 2-6S Lipo
    Board thickness: 1.6MM
    Black box: FLASH 16M, large capacity storage
    Built-in BETAFLIGHT OSD to achieve remote control PID parameters
    copper foil thickness: 3OZ * 6
    Maximum current: 300A
    Hole mounting size: M3 30.5 * 30.5mm
    Buzzer / programming LED / voltage monitoring / BLHELI-S ESC programming
    Support SBUS / PPM / DSMX and other mainstream mainstream receiver
    Weight: 11.9g

    HGLRC T-Rex 35AMP BLHeli_32 3-6S ESC Dshot1200 (Optional)

    Brand name: HGLRC 
    Item name: T-Rex 35AMP ESC BLHeli_32
    Input voltage: 3-6S Lipo
    Work current: 35A
    Burst Current:45A
    BEC: NO
    Size(mm)L*W: 27*15
    Copper: 3OZ*6 18OZ
    Firmware: 32bit ESC with BLHELI_32 firmware
    Protocol: DSHOT1200 / DSHOT600 / 300 / 150 / Oneshot125 / 42,MultiShot Damped mode
    Weight: 3.4g(no include wire)
    MCU: STM32F051
    Supported Protocols: Analog Signals - MULTISHOT, ONESHOT42, ONESHOT125 / Digital Signals - DSHOT150, 300, 600, 1200.
    Imported Japanese Toshiba MOSFETs and Japanese Murata Ceramic Capacitors.
    3oz High-TG PCB board: Reduces Heat Soak and improves system efficiency.
    Silicone Signal and Power Wires provides high heat-resistance and flexibility.
    Ultra-Small / Ultra-Light footprint.

    HGLRC Forward FD50A BLHeli_32 50A 2-6s Dshot 1200 ESC (optional)

    👉Order extra

    Main features:

    Super overcurrent  protection:
    *3-layer PCB board
    *3 ways of Current Shunt
    *Single circuit current only pass single layer.
    *to protect esc board to avoid overheat and overcurrent.

    *Support 2-6S Lipo battery
    *Support 22xx,23xx,24xx series motor
    *Suitable for Narrow arm frame Drone
    *Suitable for 5-7 inches quad 

    Perfect for professional FPV racing.



    • Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo battery
    • Constant Current: 50A
    • Peak Current: 60A
    • BEC Ouput: NO
    • Firmware: BLHELI_32
    • Size: 42x10x6.4mm 
    • Weight: 5.2g
    • CPU:STM32F051
    • Protocol:DShot 150/300/600/1200, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot


    Package includes:

    1x F4 flame V2 flight controller

    If you choose FC+35A ESC set, package includes:

    1x F4 flame V2 flight controller
    4x T-Rex 35A ESC

    If you choose FC+50A ESC set, package includes:

    1x F4 flame V2 flight controller
    4x Forward FD50A ESC

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