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    We have released the newest DJI Zeus F722 flight controllers for a while.
    But we think there are actually many people haven't known and used them. HGLRC has made tons of work and done plenty of research and therefore came to a conclusion that the TIME of F7 is coming. We would like to invite every pilot to test the FREE brand new DJI Zeus F722 flight controllers.

    As we mention and promise, the F722 flight controller is completely FREE to all the reviewers. What you need to do is to review it and share your content. The forms and content are not limited, but please try to be as detailed as possible. You can share your reviews on FPV related Facebook pages/groups, forums, Instagram, Youtube etc. We want to make the F722 flight controller known to every pilot and make good use of it.

    How to get Zeus F722 bundle for review:
    Step 1: Pay for the review bundle at this page (Please do not purchase the parts separately). 
    Step 2: Finish your review and share your content to a FPV related platform. Send your order number and the link of the review to the e-mail:
    Step 3: we will REFUND the fee of the products to you.

    The review bundle includes:

    1x HGLRC Zeus F722

    1x HGLRC Zeus F722 Mini

    1x HGLRC W554B LEDs (Plug & Play with F722 FC)

    1x HGLRC M80 GPS (Plug & Play with F722 FC)

    Limit one bundle per person. Extra order will not be shipped.


    What's so good about the Zeus F722

    The Zeus F722 FC supports Betaflight, Emuflight, and iNav. It is one of our most reliable FCs. After the price drop, it is currently only $26.99! about the same price as an F4 FC. Plus Plug & Play ports for DJI Air Unit, GPS and LEDs! 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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