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    HGLRC Sector132 Freestyle Frame Kit

    Material:3K Carbon Fiber
    Type: 2.5/3 Inch Freestyle Frame
    Bottom Plate Thickness:3mm
    Standoff Height:28mm
    Flight Control Installation Holes:16X16/20X20mm
    Support Camera:14X14/19X19mm
    Overall Size:135*128mm

    TPU Gopro Mount
    TPU Sector AIR UNIT
    TPU Sector SMA Mount
    Propeller Protective Guard
    TPU Sector Camera Mount
    Camera mounting size support:14X14/19x19mm
    Flight control installation size support:16X16/20X20mm

    4 x 2.5 Inch Propeller Protective Guard
    1 x 2mm Top Plate
    1 x 3mm Bottom Plate
    6 x M2*28mm Blue Aluminum Column
    4 x Round head screw M2*22
    4 x Round head screw M2*12
    24 x Round head screw M2*7
    15 x Round head screw M2*6
    20 x Round head screw M2*5
    8 x Damping rubber column M2X6
    8 x M2 damping O-ring
    12 x M2 black Relax nut
    1 x Acrylic sheet 16X16
    2 x Battery cable tie
    1 x Battery Anti-slip tape
    2 x TPU Sector Camera Mount
    1 x TPU Sector SMA
    1 x TPU Gopro Mount
    1 x TPU Sector AIR UNIT

    Recommended Parts: ( Not Included )
    Flight Controller:Zeus/F4/F7 FC
    Camera:14x14/19x19mm size
    Propeller:2.5 ~ 3 Inch
    Battery:3S/4S(300mAh ~ 650mAh)

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