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    Product introduction

    Nowadays, lithium batteries are widely using in the electronic products, rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, balance vehicles, aircraft models, ship models, electronic tools and so on. Due to the diversity of battery shape and volume and the limitation of power supply mode, the traditional welding machine lacks flexibility. SQ-SW1 is battery powered, OLED display can show high and low voltage warning. Using the new spot welding technology, and intelligently switching automatic or manual working mode to meet different needs. It is a flexible and efficient welding tools.

    Technical Parameters

    1. Input Voltage: 10-14V
    2. Welding Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
    3. Trigger Delay: 0.5-3s
    4. Screen Flip: 180°
    5. Pulse Time: 1-100ms(default),1-500ms(setting)
    6. Short Pulse: 0-100%
    7. Work Model: Automatic/Manual
    8. Voltage Warning: Low Voltage/High Voltage
    9. Power Supply Interface: XT90
    10.Recommended Battery: Lithium battery (3S 5000mAh minimum 60C) Car battery (12V 400-800CCA)

    Safety Tips

    1. The two electrodes and solder pins should not be touched together to avoid short circuits.
    2. Pay attention to the correct wiring. Refer to the manual for the specific wiring method.
    3. When using for the first time, set the welding pulse duration to 2ms and check the welding result. According to the actual welding situation, set the appropriate welding pulse duration step by step to obtain good welding.
    4. If you use higher current or non-factory parts, you need to take the risk yourself.

    Package description

    Package one
    1×welding pen
    1×nickel belt
    1×foot pedal
    2×Solder pin
    2 × battery holder

    Package two
    1×One-piece soldering pen
    1×nickel belt
    2×Solder pin
    2 × battery holder

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