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    MENACE Pico 5.8G 9.4dBi Circular Polarized High Gain Flat Patch FPV Antenna LHCP/RHCP SMA For FPV RC Drone

    The Pico patch antenna is our smallest receiving patch that is big in performance, perfect partnering with a circular polarised omni style transmitter antenna.

    Brand name: MENACE
    Model: Pico
    Frequency range: 5645-5945 Mhz
    Gain: 9.4dBi
    Beam Width: 61* at -3db points
    (Check polar plot comparison invader actual angular db)
    Connector: SMA
    Dimensions: 37*33.6*19.2mm
    Weight: 10g
    * Highest Sensitivity for increased range.
    * Ergonomic design to fit diversity modules on goggles.
    * Can stay on your goggles in the carry case.
    * 5.8ghz Frequency Bands Compatible.
    * Circular Polarized for left or right hand.
    * Designed for goggles or base stations.
    * Great for diversity setups.
    Real World
    25mW Range tested to 1.33km.
    60% increase in range over a 5db patch.
    20% increase in range over a 8db patch.
    38% increase range over the invader patch.
    Reduced multipatch propagation compared to 360 degree omni style receiving antenna's.

    Package Included:
    1x MENACE Pico Flat Patch FPV Antenna

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