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    Flash Sale! Save $$$ on the "Ready To Ship" drones below:

    Sector132 Vista PNP Version $251.99

    Sector132 4K XM+ Version $181.79

    Sector150 Caddx Ratel 4S PNP Version $152.09
    Sector150 Caddx Ratel 6S PNP Version $152.09
    Sector150 Caddx Ratel  4S Frsky XM+ Version $165.59

    Petrel132 4S PNP Version $101.69
    Petrel132 6S PNP Version $103.49
    Petrel132 4S Frsky XM+ Version $116.99
    Petrel132 6S Frsky XM+ Version $118.79

    Special Sale for Jumper T18 Remote Controller:

    Jumper T18 $143.99