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    Special Team member

    We are happy to become the first sponsor of EmuFlight. EmuFlight now will have better hardware support and preset support for HGLRC products. EmuFlight is a fork of ButterFlight that has had many additions making it worthy of attention. Most notably is the addition of the Helio IMUF filtering on all flight controllers. With EmuFlight being a fork of ButterFlight, EmuFlight is quite similar to betaflight except with many improvements making the switch to EmuFlight very worthwhile.

    Team Members

    Victor Ko

    Chris Blackcat

    K.a Joben

    Atto FPV

    My name is Jon Hall and I design and run AttoFPV from the UK, producing unique lightweight racing and freestyle frames built to take advantage of the compact and powerful electronics offered by HGLRC. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world both racing and producing videos for FPV events and could not be more proud to be flying for team HGLRC.
    Richard Bauer

    Faroùk FPV

    Hello my name is Farouk I'm 30 years old, I'm a drone pilot in the south of France for 1 year and a half now, I'm mostly freestyle, which is for me a real sport.
    Marin Julia


    Marin Julia

    Pretty Fly FPV

    Marin Julia

    Tarkusx FPV

    Since I was kid, I have always been into RC stuff and electronics in general. I discovered whoop and I never stopped learning, practicing and tinkering. One more thing, I always been a open heart and this is why I always like to share and help other people to get their things up in the air and fly as good as possible whatever it takes! Whoop On !
    Marin Julia

    t0t0 FPV

    I'm a big fan of tinywhoop/toothpick/cinewhoop because they are pretty fun and harmless to fly everywhere. But 5 inch and more are still the best to have a shot of adrenaline !!
    Marin Julia


    I started drone racing in january of 2018 when I was 14 years old. 
    I have reached great achievements in my professional drone racing career.
    I am listing them here:

    2018 achievements:

    -8th |   caliz drone race I, mars 
    -17th | leiria world cup, April
    -1St |   caliz drone race II, june
    -1St |   setubal drone race,  september
    -1St |   aerocalminhas drone race, september
    -1St |   gastalipos drone racing, november
    -1St |   extreme drone racing, november

    2019 achievements:

    -4th |  I trofeu CAAR, February
    -1st |  Celorico de Basto Race, mars
    -5th |  II trofeu CAAR, april
    -1st |  LAC Drone Race, may
    -2nd | AerocalminhasDrone Race, september
    -2nd | 2019 National Championship,
    -2nd | IDL GP4 Granada - Teams, september
    -2nd | IDL GP5 Leiria - Teams, september
    -1st |  IDL GP6 Madrid - Teams, december 
    -2nd | Overall IDL championship