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    Team Members

    Victor Ko

    Chris Blackcat

    K.a Joben

    Enzo FPV

    Richard Bauer

    Faroùk FPV

    Hello my name is Farouk I'm 30 years old, I'm a drone pilot in the south of France for 1 year and a half now, I'm mostly freestyle, which is for me a real sport.
    Marin Julia


    Marin Julia

    Pretty Fly FPV

    Marin Julia

    Tarkusx FPV

    Since I was kid, I have always been into RC stuff and electronics in general. I discovered whoop and I never stopped learning, practicing and tinkering. One more thing, I always been a open heart and this is why I always like to share and help other people to get their things up in the air and fly as good as possible whatever it takes! Whoop On !
    Marin Julia

    t0t0 FPV

    I'm a big fan of tinywhoop/toothpick/cinewhoop because they are pretty fun and harmless to fly everywhere. But 5 inch and more are still the best to have a shot of adrenaline !!
    Marin Julia


    I started drone racing in january of 2018 when I was 14 years old. 
    I have reached great achievements in my professional drone racing career.
    I am listing them here:

    2018 achievements:

    -8th |   caliz drone race I, mars 
    -17th | leiria world cup, April
    -1St |   caliz drone race II, june
    -1St |   setubal drone race,  september
    -1St |   aerocalminhas drone race, september
    -1St |   gastalipos drone racing, november
    -1St |   extreme drone racing, november

    2019 achievements:

    -4th |  I trofeu CAAR, February
    -1st |  Celorico de Basto Race, mars
    -5th |  II trofeu CAAR, april
    -1st |  LAC Drone Race, may
    -2nd | AerocalminhasDrone Race, september
    -2nd | 2019 National Championship,
    -2nd | IDL GP4 Granada - Teams, september
    -2nd | IDL GP5 Leiria - Teams, september
    -1st |  IDL GP6 Madrid - Teams, december 
    -2nd | Overall IDL championship