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    HGLRC Christmas Sale

    Lots of fun this Christmas! Limited GIFTS & XMAS Secret BAGS

    A. Buy 1 set of Motowhoop 90 HD and get a free Kratos 4S 450mah battery +1* Zeus Nano VTX

    B. Buy 4 * 2004 motors and get an extra Free one

    C. Buy more than 139 USD and get 1* Xmas Secret Bag + 1 * Socter Buzzer + one pack Straps+ Free shipping (Batteries excluded)

    D. Buy more than 259 USD and get 2* Xmas Secret Bags + 1 * Socter Buzzer + 1* Hermes WiFi Module + Free shipping (Batteries excluded)

    E. Order any two frames and get 1* Xmas Secret Bag

    F. Order a drone set and get a same spare frame + 1* Hat

    G. Order any of 4 Kratos batteries and get a new free battery Explosionproof bag

    All free extra gifts will not be shown in your cart but we will send them with the actual orders.

    Date:12.23th-12.31 2020 PST

    Note:Limited 200 Xmas Secret Bags only! The secret bag value 20USD actually, which costs 12.25 USD in HGLRC Christmas Sale. If you need only the Xmas Secret Bag, you can also order it here