An RC plane and a drone are considered to be the same thing by many people. However, there are certain key differences between that set them apart. In this post, we have shed light on these key differences. Have a look at them:

RC Planes

RC planes are remotely controlled by an operator using a hand-held transmitter. All the functions it can perform are due to the use of remote control. The aircraft of the plane has a receiver that receives the signals sent by the transmitter.

Different types of RC planes exist; however, the most common amongst them are made from lightweight materials. For example, you can find RC planes made of foam or cardboard. Due to the use of lightweight material, these planes have a shaky flight. Thus, they are more prone to get into an accident. Furthermore, these planes are easy to build and do not require technical expertise.

RC planes are majorly used for recreational purposes. Although you may find some RC planes with navigational cameras but they aren’t used commercially because of their inefficiency and more chances of accidents.


A drone is an unmanned aircraft. While the operation of a drone is similar to an RC place; however, its functions and control vary a great deal. It offers more specialized control.

A primary factor that sets a drone apart from an RC is their increased uses. Although they were initially used by the military forces, they have now become immensely popular in different fields. Their applications have now spread from military operations to covering numerous events. Furthermore, drones are now also used in the agriculture sector as well.

Drones are made using sturdy yet lightweight materials. The sturdiness of the material used allows them to have a smooth flight and limits the chances of getting into an accident.

Some drones are controlled by remote controls while others are flown autonomously. Remote controlled drones work similar to RC planes; however, autonomously controlled drones are completely different as they do not need external control for their flight and performing different operations.

Commercial drones are flown in environments that are considered risky. For this purpose, durable and high-tech drones are developed that can perform challenging tasks efficiently. These drones are expendable apart from being cost-efficient.

In the recent years, drones with cameras have become quite popular not only for commercial but home use as well. Some people use them for capturing the aerial views of their surrounding while commercially they are used for event coverage purposes.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, there is a vast difference between an RC plane and a drone. The functions and features of RC planes are limited while drones can be operated in a number of settings. They offer a better control, enhanced image stability, and tend to have a longer flight time. On the other hand, an RC plane is used solely for recreational purposes and is mostly made from the inferior quality material.