If you are planning to buy a drone, there are numerous factors to consider before taking the final decision. One of these vital factors is the legality of drones. It is important to know that there are certain legal obligations related to the use and application of drones.

In this post, we have compiled vital information on the legality of drones that can come in handy for you. Continue reading!

Is Drone Legal?

Many people have this question that is flying drone legal. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including your location and purpose. While drone flying is legal in most of the countries; however, there are certain areas in those countries where it is prohibited to fly a drone. For example, in US, there are certain landmarks, national parks, dams, and other properties where it is illegal to fly a drone.

In US, if an individual wants to fly a drone for commercial purposes, they are required to obtain a remote pilot license. Without obtaining this license, it will be deemed illegal if they are flying a drone. To get this license, they will have to a test. This test is conducted at a Knowledge Testing Center approved by FAA.

The next step, after clearing the step, for the applicant is to complete the FAA Rating Application or Airman Certificate. After this, they receive their remote pilot certificate.

In addition to that, it has been mandatory by the FAA for drone owners to register themselves as drone users.

What is the Drone Insurance Policy?

A drone insurance policy is recommended since it will cover any loss caused by losing a drone or if it has gotten into an accident. With the increase in the popularity of drones, accidents involving drones have also increased. However, these losses can be covered up to a certain extent by getting a drone insurance policy. Typically, a drone insurance policy can cost you somewhere between $20 and $2000. It generally depends on coverage included in the policy.

In some companies, it is mandatory for drone owners to get their drones insured if they are flying them for commercial purposes. However, even if you flying it for recreational purposes, you can still get it insured if the drone you own is an expensive one.

There are different insurance companies that provide coverage for drones. If you are getting in touch with them, they will ask for vital information i.e. the area in which you will operating your drone, its cost, whether you have received training or not, number of hours that drone has flown etc. Based on this info, they will offer you a drone insurance plan for covering the losses.

If you are looking to buy insurance for your drone, make sure you are getting quotes from multiple companies and compare them to get the best price.