It is the era of technology and every day a new development or innovation surges up. Most of these technologies are more sophisticated than the previous ones and helps to complete work in a more efficient manner. One of the latest technological gadgets, which has become immensely popular in the recent past is a drone. Its application is widespread in a number of fields.

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What is a Drone?

A drone is an unmanned aerial device that is operated using a remote control. Modern drones come with different features such as HD cameras, prolonged battery timing, GPS, and motor. Generally, these devices are made using light materials as it enhances their maneuverability. Furthermore, due to the use of light material, it doesn’t require high power requirements.

Working of a Drone Explained

A drone works due to the multiple components it features. It has a frame that is generally composed of light yet sturdy material. The frame of a drone has a water-proof encasement in which the motor of the drone is placed. Furthermore, it also contains all the electronics that a drone has. These electronics and the rotors of the drone are powered using a battery. Most commonly, lithium polymer type batteries are used. These batteries are used not only because they are compact and lightweight but due to their high energy density. Furthermore, they also have a high discharge rate; hence, considered suitable for drones.

All the movements of a drone i.e. moving backward or forward, tilting, hovering, turning etc. are controlled by propellers. These propellers are made using plastic in cheaper models. However, some expensive models may have carbon fiber made propellers.

A drone generates power for its flight and movement through the motor it has. Generally, a brushless motor is used in the drones since it is energy efficient. This results in improved battery life, which, in turn, ensures that a drone has a longer flying time.

As stated above, a drone is controlled using a remote control. With the help of this control, speed and direction of the drone can be controlled.

Additional Features of a Modern Drone

An essential feature of a modern drone is a compact and HD camera. Drones featuring these cameras are used for aerial photography and event coverage purposes. Generally, an HD camera a drone has come with different special features such as wide-angle, fisheye, high exposure etc.

In addition to that, these drones also come with gimbals. They are responsible for providing stability to cameras during the flight. Thus, image result is clear despite due to movements during the flight. Gimbals work by neutralizing the vibration or movement effects using their dampeners. In addition to that, some drones also feature GPS module that provides location information of drones. Due to this feature, drones can land safely.