This method adds a softserial so GPS can be added to FD411 FC or Zues35. We connect GPS to Uart1, Receiver to Uart2, VTX to Softserial in this method.

Zeus35 Wiring (For GPS)

FD411 Flight Controller Wiring (For GPS)

  1. First Connect TX on GPS to RX on FC.

                                RX on GPS to TX on FC.

                                5V to 5V, GND to GND

                                Connect others as normal.

  1. Connect RX on VTX to S5 on the pad.
  2. Open Betaflight
  3. Open CLI on Betaflight, type in the following

resource MOTOR 5 none

resource SERIAL_TX 11 B03


5. The flight controller will reboot automatically. Click on connect after rebooted.

6. Open configuration page- Other Features – Enable Softserial

7.Open Ports page, you will see an extra softserial, youcan find VTX available on Peripherals, select the VTX protocol that you are using then you will be able to use OSD to change channels and power. Make sure you click on save after the changes.

8.Open Configuration.Enable GPS. Choose the right protocol for your GPS (you need to confirm with the GPS manufacturer if you do not know the right protocol). If you are using the HGLRC M80/M81 GPS,Choose(UBLOX)protocol.

9.Open ports page, select GPS under ”Sensor Input” choose”115200” if you are using HGLRC M80/M81 GPS(Note: 115200 can only be used on HGLRC M80/M81 GPS, for other GPS please contact the manufacturer)

The above settings apply to FD413 Stack / FD411 FC/ Zeus35 AIO Board.